Darrel Amarasekera

FOUNDER and managing director

Darrel has extensive experience with dealing with senior stakeholders to deliver and manage data science and analytics projects. Darrel is the technology lead and his focus is on the scientific and technological challenges within an organisation.


Patrick Cilione

FOUNDER and director of analytics

 Patrick is a highly experienced consultant in the areas of data science, strategic analytics, data architecture and business intelligence. Patrick has held technical and advisory roles often involving ground up strategy, management and implementation of data science practices.  Patrick is the analytics leader supporting and overseeing projects from end-to-end.


The rest of us

the excellence of execution

We are hand picked for each project solution based on our unique skills and our ability to execute the required tasks as quickly as possible. Amongst us are statisticians, developers, data engineers and computer scientists who are eager to solve new and complex challenges. We are looking forward to being a part of your next project.