Darrel Amarasekera

FOUNDER and managing director

Darrel has over 18 years of experience in the delivery, mentoring and training of analytical solutions. His main focus at Sciens, is R&D where he sees over the development of new and innovative solutions.

Darrel has held senior technical leadership roles within the software / technology industries. This has provided the knowledge and skills to understand, design and build analytical platforms to support our clients needs across all stages of the analytics life-cycle. His experience with programming languages including PYTHON, SQL, R and Visual Basic have supported the innovation and delivery of analytics driven applications. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


Patrick Cilione

FOUNDER and director of analytics

Patrick has over 25 years of experience advising and delivering analytics solutions across multiple industries, including financial services, superannuation, utilities, construction / manufacturing, logistics and government sectors.

Patrick has held leadership roles within international software and consulting firms, which has allowed him to deliver innovative solutions using customers untapped asset – data. He has held advisory roles with organisations in building analytics functions,  project managed or been the technical lead in a number of complex projects that have required solution design / re-design, specifications gathering from business and IT, and delivery of data and analytic solutions and frameworks.

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


The rest of us

the excellence of execution

We are hand picked for each project solution based on our unique skills and our ability to execute the required tasks as quickly as possible. Amongst us are statisticians, developers, data engineers and computer scientists who are eager to solve new and complex challenges. We are looking forward to being a part of your next project.